Rayna DuBose

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Inspiration Spreads Everywhere



Rayna DuBose has been spotted on HBO, CBS Early Show and a host of others due to a tragic event that happened to her in 2001. Rayna was a full scholarship recipient playing women’s basketball for Virginia Tech and during her first year there she was diagnosed with meningitis causing her to lose all 4 limbs, making her a quad amputee.  Rayna had a desire to make a career out of public speaking and contacted Stellar Business Solutions to expand her speaking platform.


  • Gain more speaking opportunities with Organizations, Schools, and Businesses.
  • Create Press Releases to demonstrate how she is engaged with her unique audience  and is passionate about health, adversity and motivating people.
  • Gain sponsorships/spokesperson opportunities with companies to enhance their brand by sharing her story.
  • Develop a program for Rayna to assist hospital patients with their life transitions entitled Inspraytions Results.

Stellar Results

Rayna has been booked by Stellar Business Solutions for over 3 years visiting schools, fortune 500 business and College campuses across the country. Rayna has been a spokesperson for Novartis, a large pharmaceutical company that just produced a new drug called Menveo and is also a spokesperson for Touch Bionics a major prosthesis innovator.  In 2011, Stellar Business Solutions also assisted Rayna in submitting her program called Inspraytions to several hospitals in order to to enhance many inpatients' drive to overcome their own personal adversities.