Parallel Vision

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Social Service & Social Welfare


Parallel Vision (PV) is a startup non-profit organization aimed at providing social service and welfare to urban community residents in Metro-Detroit. Their commission is to rejuvenate and resource the State of Michigan one student at a time, one family at a time and one community at a time.


The following needs & requirements to take into account were:
  • Parallel Vision was need of a professional Logo, Brochure & Business Cards.
  • The primary target market they desired to reach were youth ages K-12 and women ages 18-55 who were in need of communal support.
  • The image they wanted to convey was a personalized, relevant and resourceful one that people could trust and standby.

Stellar Results

In listening to the initial desires and feedback of Parallel Vision provided us we were able to realize their vision. They now have business collateral that aligns them with their mission to be proficient, moving and contemporary. We believe that the final design concept for PV expresses their identity authentically, and are as satisfied with this design package as our customer.