Marlena Daniel

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Business/Life Coach Shifting Gears


Marlena Daniel is an Executive Coach, Life strategist and Inspirational Speaker that supports people who need to shift their life and/or business in a better direction. Along with coaching she has also developed a non-profit to assist persons with their individual addictions. Marlena contacted Stellar Business Solutions because she wanted to increase her clientele by developing a new brand and gain more exposure for her business by creating exhilarating events.


  • Create logo and new business collateral to establish a solid identity.
  • Develop a website to merge her business and non-profit.
  • Create copy for the entire website and social media spaces.
  • Create marketable events to gain exposure to new clientele.
  • Submit press releases promoting new website and upcoming events in order to expand reach.


Stellar Results

Marlena Daniel’s new website, business collateral and lively events gained immense recognition and attracted new patrons and partnership opportunities, ultimately enriching her marketing reach.