Professional Service

Get the support you need to showcase your professional expertise and meet your business goals. Our Branding Consultations, New Media Marketing and Design skills are second to none.

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Corporate Promotions

Our innovative branding systems empower us to manage the flow of information and engagement between your organization and its public.

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Growth & Start Ups

Our services for growth & startups provide small businesses with the support they need to quickly launch their marketing plan and attract the best clients.

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Jacksons Bistro - Christmas Ball

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Who We Are

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Stellar Business Solutions
(SBS) was formed with the passion to help other businesses conqueror the world of Branding, New Media Marketing and Design. We work with proficiency and dedication to reach the target market of our clients, by focusing on the forces needed to make their marketing plan soar in today's market place.

Our unique and sophisticated process is able to shift the focus of your audience exactly where it needs to be…on you and your business. Today's marketplace is extremely competitive; therefore our goal is to find the edge that will make you more appealing and interesting to both the public and the media.

Our success is largely encompassed by our collaborative team approach. We have a dynamic team that is highly motivated and extremely skilled in their respective areas of expertise . . . Branding, Internet Marketing, and Graphic/Web Development, to name just a few. Together we are dedicated to seeing our clients experience stellar service from start to finish.






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Public Relations  

Our public relations plan strategically integrates time-honored methods with innovative solutions, positioning your brand before the right audience. We take great pride in deploying solutions to increase the awareness about our clients or professional businesses to the public. We offer effective PR services that understands what it means to create a "buzz" or wanting to be in demand. We exist to show our clients at their "STELLAR Best"!

  •     Media Relations | Media Outreach | Media Audits | Media Training: press release and press kit distribution; getting press-worthy topics out on the wire to our extensive network of tailored contacts in print, radio & broadcast
  • Editorial Outreach | Message Mapping: targeted pitches including seasonal stories, trend stories, new product launches, event promotions, TV appearances and more
  • Non Traditional Exposure | Online Reputation Management | Crisis Communications: (our specialty) finding unconventional ways to get you exposure, gain visibility in the industry and the market place and manage crisis situations resolve and bad press.

Event Planning (Show phases of event planning. Place the description of each one next to the phase.) 

  • Event Creation (start, due to spacing): develop a newsworthy event model 
  • Event Production: plan for conferences, new product launches, performances, and special events  Pre-Production     Services: site inspections, secure top rates, recommend appropriate vendors (i.e. music, catering)
  • Event Planning: timeline logistics, staffing & branding management
  • Invitations: design, circulation and guest list management 
  • Signature Appearances: invite high profile individuals and performers  
  • Press @ Events: includes photographers, print press and media  
  • Securing Sponsorships: recommend appropriate sponsors to assist with funding, giveaways, and more . . . 
  • Event Execution:  launch the concept on paper to create a signature event.


What We Offer

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New Media Marketing

Managing one’s overall reputation today is never-ending, especially with the rise of online social networking and advertising. We know how to enhance your online presence beyond the standard and connect your business with the right audiences.Our strategic messaging through internet and digital marketing will build awareness, reach media and build the relationships you need in order to thrive in this new market.

Strategic Planning & Brand Development

  • Advertising campaigns and cross-platform media strategy
  • Direct promotion concepts and content schedules
  • Online marketing and social media strategies

Content Creation & Social Media Marketing Coaching & Support

  • Blog content strategy and insight into key brands to follow and engage with
  • Best practices on social media for growing audiences to meet desired goal
  • Direct promotion concepts and content schedules
  • SEO recommendations

 Technology Enhancements

  • Our expertise and experience is shared with our clients to ensure they utilize the most effective tools and resources

Video production (Coming Soon!)

  • Creative direction and story boarding
  • Guidance on technical aspects including set lighting and design
  • Full editing functionality

Web and Graphic Designs

The Stellar Design Team develops brand collateral targeted to your specific audience in support of your sales and branding efforts and to underscore your competitors’ weak spot. When we build websites or design material we create distinctive touch points to impact the audience you serve.

Custom Web & Graphic Design Solutions

  • Thorough client review process
  • Delivering designs focused on brand strategy and audience experience
  • Online marketing pieces including custom social media pages and html email templates
  • Offline marketing pieces including custom logos, corporate identity packages and sales materials

Easy Content Management

  • Control of all content and media via internet hosting
  • Individual customized user permission settings
  • Fluid solutions to grow your online platform as your organization grows